Friday, November 27, 2009


The thing about thanksgiving cooking is this:
It always tastes better if you share the cooking!
When I was a kid...
I know-I know- I say that a lot...
But we would go out to my oldest sister's house for dinner,
Mom always made her Parker house rolls and cranberry sauce...
This year we went to Auntie Nana sister's house.
The young Domestic Diva that I raised helped make...
~a mess~
Lest you think it's all her mess
rest assured that it was an equally shared kitchen.
With her...

Makein a "Really Guuuud" pear tart/pie
Did I mention that it was really good?
Its fun to try new things that become old favorites...
Did I mention that I love this zannie caricature?
Yes I do.
P.S. The Domestic Princess she is raising showed up at her side
very shortly after the camera was put away...
Then the fun really started!!
Momma Diva tried very hard to convince Tiny Dancer that
the flour was not really "ssssssno!"
And she was having none of that nonsence
~it was white and fun to play in~
Must be "ssssno"
Smile and Remember;
We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.

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