Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolutions vs. Dreaming

Well last night when I went to bed it was Twenty~Ten, this morning when I woke up it is Twenty~Levin...Just like that another year was done and gone and a new one here.

Some interesting things happened last year. Interesting because they were new to me and I got the opportunity to learn how to live with them and through is purely hindsight that allows me to say they were interesting.

In my learning I found that life, my life, needs to be lived, not just trudged through daily, but to be enjoyed to its fullest. I don't want to just go through the motions anymore. So I figure that if God can do this, with a few minutes in the morning sky...

I think he can, and will, help me with my dreams. Some I have had tucked away for years, some I've just about given up on, some are brand spanky new...and some are as of yet undiscovered by me.

I've heard life described as 'our own personal mountain's to climb', complete with all the terrain you would find on a mountain.

The first time I remember really traipsing around a mountain was at midnight, in October, with my not yet husband as my guide to the top. Where we were meeting a group of people and there were tents and food and best of all a fire.
It took us five hours to reach our destination-all of it with only a small flash light to use, sometimes, and the rest was with the light of a beautiful harvest moon.

I did not know what I had gotten myself into.

I had seen these mountain's for years, and year's. I had ventured into them for car trips, a picnic and things...I knew the mountains.
Traveling by foot, in the dark, was not the same. I came to know the mountains! With the help of my wonderful, patient, and often laughing at me guide, I made it to the top. And later back down.

I didn't always notice how beautiful the mountain was, instead I was focused on the dirt, mud and ice puddles I was walking through, the branches on the tree's, I didn't always see, until it was evident beyond reason that they were there. I would get discouraged.

My Honey would stop me and have me look up at the sky to see the beauty of the Milky Way blanketing the vast universe above us and softly tell me the view was better from the top.

So this year. 2011 Twenty~Levin, I am going to try to remember to see the beauty of my mountain's instead of focusing on the ground.

I'm planning to look up, even if I walk a little crookidy at first.

Because there are dreams for me in them thar hill's!!!

This is going to be a year of dreams instead of a year of resolutions...

What are some of the dreams you have tucked away?
Maybe this is the year you can dust them off and try them out with me. Maybe you are stuck in a brier patch, or in a valley where the sun is not shining right now...Maybe this is the year we can climb our mountain's individually, together!

And may God bless us.


  1. Where would this world be without dreamers?

  2. I like that! Although, this is my first year of "resolutions" so I will have to work on that first. Maybe one of them will be to figure out what my dreams are!!!