Sunday, January 30, 2011


Honey and I remember when the coolest thing you could get was a record player. Then came along the portable record players. They looked like a suitcase and weighed about 40 pounds, they did come in a few different colors and they played everything form 45's to 72's.

Next came 8 track tapes. They resembled a VHS movie...I never saw a player that didn't need to have a match book folded up to prop the corner just right so the music wouldn't *drag*.

Music got smaller and nothing could be more convenient that cassette tapes! They didn't break as often as the 8 track's, but I remember having to keep a pencil close by, just in case the tape player decided to *eat the tape*, and then the delicate surgery of removal and repair would take up a fair chunk of time.

*Boom-boxes* came along about that time, a common sight to see people walking around with a big honkin' tape player/radio, propped on their shoulder while they 'trucked along'. Battery operated-who'd a thunk it!?

Then came Cd's, and they were amazing! You could carry a bunch of them in something the size of a day planner! Surely nothing could get smaller than that, could it?!

Hello MP 3 players, iPhone's, and all you other little gadgets...You can cart over 1,000 songs with you in something no bigger than a package of gum!
Audio books, music, pictures, video's, and a lot more that I probably don't know about yet...all in your shirt pocket!

I got my first Walkman this weekend...a gift from my "kids". I am Grammy Heaven with it!!

Thank you B., B. and A!!!

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  1. I was trying to explain to Adalyn yesterday how a "CD" gets onto an IPOD- she seemed okay with the idea! Crazy how they won't even remember cassette tapes when they grow up! (And don't get me started on VHS!!)