Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just One Of Those Days...

That is the only way I can describe the day I had.

It was Saturday and I had saved my out of town errands to be run all at the same time.

I'm a little weird, and try to plan my trips to form a sort of circle...so I don't have to back track. You know, to save time and gas and frustration?

I planed it all out. I had lots of time and no place I had to be in a hurry.

All good things.

I should have known when I spotted this:

That I was in for an adventure.

I like adventures as much as the next person. Some adventures are fun other's contribute to those "off day's"...This was just one of those day's.

I had plans to do some of the mundane errand's mingled with a few out of the ordinaries. The bank, the copy shop, the quilt shop, then out of town to browse for sock yarn, visit the needlepoint joint. Head over to Shepheards Bush for Angel makin's.

Then just like that it had turned into one of those day's.

Our modem finally flashed the last of it's green light day's and the red light of ka-poot had kicked on. After making a few calls I added that to my list of 'to-do's'.

Remember I said I wasn't in to big of a hurry?

I wasn't. So I took the 'old road', "The scenic route".
And let me just tell you it was a good thing I wasn't in a hurry.

Because on the only stretch of 'forever' where you couldn't pass.

Right in front of me from a rolling stop. 

Blowing some sort of fumes I'm sure shouldn't be emitted. Unable to go over 25 mph with a strong tail wind on the down hill...and just like that  it could have turned into one of those sort of day's... 

Lucky I wasn't in a hurry.

Once errands were done, I took stock of the time and thought I'd head home.
Remembering the trip down. I thought I'd take the freeway instead.

Faster you know.

That is if you don't join, or, be joined, by a large group of car's that seem to think we all need to be friends and travel together.

Yep. I managed to join the race in time to practice my 'lead car' skills.
We were a synchronized thing of beauty, as we danced down the interstate like a large school of fish.

Until we rounded a bend to join a struggling little group of assorted automobiles. One in particular, doggedly making its way down the center lane. 

You guessed it.

My lane.

This is about where a highway patrol cruiser joined our group, via an on ramp, becoming the 'lead of all car's in the vacinity'.
No one dared pass him, so we became a forward moving unit of sardines, snailing along as one...

Ok it wasn't all that slow. But when this is your view...ain't nothing fast enough.  

And just like that. It could have become one of those day's!

Lucky for me the traffic broke and I was able to leave 'road clean up' behind...

After that trip I treated myself to a late lunch at Maddox. It was the humane thing to do for myself after all.

I guess it was meant to be just one of those day's  (o.O)

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  1. Finally getting caught up on my blogging. I think that my life is made up of "those days". I guess if I slowed down a little, I might could stop it from turning out that way. Glad you got some Maddox. :0)