Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Woe is me!!

Woe means ; misery resulting from affliction.

I don't kow about the affliction but I have a touch of the misery today,
it reminds me of a couple of other times I've giggled and said
Woe is me!!

Once upon a time we spent two summers in Alaska where
I was the laundry lady. The water was melted snow,
the machine was a new fangled electric wringer washer...
Phhft ~ no problem,
I'd watched my Grampa use one when I was a kid.

I learned the hard way about how tight the wringers are...
I was feeding clothes into the wringer when a hankie was going through without dropping off on the other I tried to lift it off. Before I could my index and middle finger's were caught...
and rolling through! It hurt! A lot!
I was in a position not to reach the break away, so I lifted my knee as high as I could and kicked the reverse lever. Then watched as my finger,s slower than time, rolled back out.
Did I mention it hurt? A lot!!

No one was around to witness my woe.
I showed Honey,
he looked at it and said it was't bad, I'd be sore for a little while,
then he kissed it better for me.

Years later, but when I still had legs that could get away with wearing shoes similar to these;
I had the opportunity to be walking across a parking lot toward a very prestigous building. In order to reach said building I need to step up over a curb of cemement.
Mind, it was a beautiful, clear, warm day.
As I set my foot down,
Something went terrible wrong.
And I dropped like a ton of brick's.
Twisting both ankles on the way down,
 no one was around to see my woe, 
I know, because the first thing I did was jump up and look around to make sure.
When I go thome I showed Honey,
He looked at them, wrapped them for me, told me I'd be sore for a few day's
then he kissed me better.

That was the day I stopped wearing high heel's...

My next tail of woe happened just last night.
Youv'e seen this type of can holder's before haven't you?
Well some markets around town use larger ones. It is good because they can have many more can's on the shelves at one time...
But did you know that if a can get's the tinyest bit turned it will gum up the whole works?
It's true. 
 And just such a thing happened last night as I was counting out 10 can's of soup I was transfering to my shopping cart. About half way through, a can got a little off kelter and so I bent over to scope it out.
Saw it was just a little off and so I reached in to tap the can back into the right position. No sooner had I done that than the can's above all followed suit and started to roll quickly and heavily into postion.
The only problem was...
my thumb got stuck!
It was being pinched between the can and the shelf,
and I can tell you the can and the shelf were not giving an inch!
I started to pull at my stuck thumb thinking many things simutainiouly...

It's going to cut it off,
I can't reach the can's to push them back up,
I hope no one see's this predickament I've gotten myself into,
If I can't get out should I scream?
what if it bleeds!?

Just then I got my hand turned enought to push all the can's enough to releave the pressure and get my thumb out. No one saw. I wan't bleeding, I got the rest of my shopping done and headed to the check stand.
 When asked cheerfully how I was I ...
smiled and said fine thank you.

Came home and told Honey my tail of woe.
He looked at it and said it will be a little sore but would be fine.
Kissed it better for me.

We both laughed about the times we do things and look around to be sure no one is looking.
Saying, "Woe is me!"
And how much it really helps when someone
kisses us better.

Smile and remember;
We're fool's whether we dance or not. So we might as well dance.


  1. Did it make a mark? If so where's the picture?

  2. Just a little mark-not even enough to take a picture of - but it's stiff and I keep bumping it on everything.