Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Spring Bouquet

I love Spring time when the fruit tree's are covered with flower's!

I love the bright Green of new leaves on tree's and bushes!

I love the same tree's and flower's that have been loved by the women who mean so much to me...

I was so happy when Honey asked me to take this picture that his Gramma loved so much~

the view from her living room window.

It was a view that she loved so much~Honey spent a lot of time with her when he was young and he came to love it too~as have I.

When I was little I always thought these flower's were planted by the Fairies...

they were all over the back yard lawn~I would pick them to my heart's content and take them to Mom who always loved them.

Aunt Mert showed my daughter one day when she was very young how to gently open a Bleeding Heart blossom to reveal the lady sitting in her bath tub...I was as amazed as my daughter was~Aunt Mert's Gramma had shown her how to find the lady when she was a little girl and now I think of that story every time I see the Bleeding Heart blossom's...

This is the pie cherry tree that was planted by Honey's Grampa Pehrson, and sits at the edge of the garden~it's fruit's have been enjoyed by 6 generations of his family.

Honey's Mom asked me to take some picture's of the tree for her and she and Aunt Mert told us stories that they have gathered through the year's of picking and bottling cherries from this same tree...

We are all looking forward to bottling this year's crop and enjoying pie's from the tree that has been loved for many reason's...

This is the Sweet Almond tree that my Mom planted in the front yard to replace the one that was planted by my Grandpa for his bride~It stood as a sentinel near the front door until a storm that was to strong for it came along.

It was so much a part of our lives that when the old one had to be removed, the same day a new one was planted.

So at least 4 generations of women from my family have loved to see the Almond blossom's each year~

Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it!
Encourage each other and may God Bless.

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