Monday, May 18, 2009

My Flag story

Please allow me tell you a story this fine day...
It is a story of my yellow Iris'~My flags.

Last year about this time I took my trusty little canon and ventured out for a walk around my town. It was to be a clothes line picture day. You see I love clothes lines....I'm sure I have told you in earlier blogs about this.
So, as I was trudging along admiring peoples clothes lines, wind chimes and flowers. The plush green lawns and crisp clean front porches...

It just so happened that a light breeze came along at just the right moment and I could smell the most wonderfully light fragrance.
Being the bright person I am, I knew it was floral.
But who's?!
And where were they?!
And What kind were they?!
It just so happened that fragrance was not in my memory, but it was simply Divine!!!
I stopped in my track's and started to look around...there were no flower's to speak of in sight, except for some yellow Flags across the street and down about two houses. In the front parking strip of a very old house~
But Flags don't smell.
The breeze picked up again and I inhaled deeply and I had to cross the street to those yellow flags!!!

Sure enough!!
It was the Flags I could smell!!
I could have stood there all day enjoying them.

I could not get them out of my mind~I wondered how long they had been there?
Who was it that planted them~and enjoyed them? Was it one of the old Scandinavian women who emigrated to this town so long ago? Did she bring them with her from some other place?

I had to go ask if I could buy a start of them. I had to try.

So loading my gloves and shovel in the trunk of my car in hopes that the answer was yes. I set off.

When I arrived there was a young woman out in the yard, I got out of the car and walked over to make my request.

She smiled very warmly and told me I could have them all, they were going to be torn out in a few day's anyway.
She brought around a hose to them so they would be easier to dig up, and we visited while we waited. She took me around the house and showed me her strawberry patch and told me she had been picking them non-stop and asked if I would like some.

What?! Flowers AND strawberries?! Yes!

So we picked an ice cream bucket full of warm fresh strawberries and then filled another 2 with fragrant yellow Flag tuber's...
I drove home a very happy beggar indeed!

I was a little concerned about taking them from the shade and putting them into a very hot sunny spot in my yard...
They struggled in the adjustment and I worried until this Spring if they would indeed survive.

To my delight they are happy in there new home~just see!!!

I walk out every night and every morning to smell them, and give thanks for the breeze that came up to blow the sweet fragrance my direction, for the woman who planted them in the yard, and the woman who gave them to me with a bucket of warm strawberries...
Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come a live and go do it!
Encourage each other and may God bless

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