Sunday, July 11, 2010

Confessions Of An Organized Hoarder...

I used to think I was just a collector of fine item’s and other such treasures, but now? I've come to believe I’m more than that.

*It* crepes like ivy gone wild into my thoughts every time I even drive past a garage sale or second hand store. When someone is de-junking and cleaning. When I try to de-junk and clean and can’t bring myself to part with anything!!!

I’m not sure when the organized hording came into being - I was seldom if ever organized. In. My. Life.

In the past my compulsive orientation toward gathering would easily be described in this way…If I see *it* I feel responsible to save *it* in case the ever elusive *Someone* needs *it* and Heaven forbid I not have *it*!!!

What is *it* you ask?

*It* could be, but is not limited to the following:

Empty boxes of any kind. Cereal, cracker, Avon delivery, shoe, printer paper, etc. For mailing packages, making patterns, wrapping gifts…

Patterns. Sewing, knitting, crochet, cross stitch, tole painting, embroidery, (yes even coloring books).

Paper. Stationary, cards, notebooks (every size), loose leaf, Post it notes, grid, lined, plain, colored…

Pen’s & pencils: All types - yes I even have empty pens for pattern tracing.

Gift bags and wrapping paper.  I know huh! I used to laugh at Gramma for keeping them from gifts she was given to use later.

Elastic bands. Mine are in a baggie in a drawer instead of a door knob or rocking chair arm.

Yarn. For yet to be made projects. I have at least a 5 year supply of it, yet I’m always on the look out for more!

Needles. Knitting, crochet hooks, hand sewing, curved, straight what ever.

Old bed sheets. For crocheting throw rugs. Some cut into strips and rolled like yarn, ready to go.

Old levies. For quilts I’m going to make someday.

Fabric. She who dies with the most win’s is what the bumper stickers have told me for years!

Tables. My current count is at 7, I gave 2 away to a good home recently - with the provision they come back to me if they get rid of them…Why!?!? Big news!! We gave one of them to good will and didn’t bring anything back in it’s place!!! (Did I mention that is only chairs? People must like to keep their chairs).

If someone tells me they are getting rid of something and it is good - I rack my brain for...someone - anyone, I might know who could use it - or if the someone I know, knows someone who could use it. Often I bring it home “just until I can find someone who could use it“.

It’s like I have this barely contained, deep rooted feeling of responsibility to find it a home where it can still be useful.

You may ask what in the world I do with all the *stuff* I gather from the four corners of my world and I would answer you that I use it.

Or… save it for when I have time to use it.

Or… I put it in a box I’ve saved and store it for the still elusive Someone.

I am also a stacker/piler/crammer/tucker.

You can’t really be a proper hoarded without these essential traits can you?

The one saving grace in this is that when the stacks/piles/wedges begin to creep beyond the allotted space I begin to obsess about the mess and set well intentioned goal’s to clean and de-junk! I gather the empty boxes and I attack the task with the well meaning intention of dismantling and eliminating all offensive traces of the problem.

Problem is - I can’t bring myself to actually donate much of it to any cause-be it , good, bad or indifferent.

I have a designated spot to stack the things that ‘are still to good to be garbage, but taking up space’. It’s size fluctuates like the ocean’s tide.

I tell you these things not so you will know what a weirdo I really am, or to embarrass myself, but rather to encourage myself to lighten my load, to organize my house, my life, myself.

This is only the visible view of this particular stack in the basement...
If I would just, cut the levies to block's for Pete's sake, then recruit the sister's and get them tied! Pull out my big ol wooden chair spindle hook and get to work on crocheting the three big rug's I'm needing...
A huge stack down... Viola!

Smile and remember.
We’re fool’s whether we dance or not. So we might as well dance.

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  1. Love this! I go between hording and getting rid of EVERYTHING- it usually goes on until I get rid of something I actually do need and then I start hording again...