Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Long Story Made Long...

I have a healthy dis-like for spiders.

So when they are spotted-either inside the house-or on there way there...I squash them to smithereens. It's just what I do.
So when I was sitting in the living room chatting with my daughter and happened to glance up the window behind her...I spotted it!
I was very careful not to say anything, but watched it until daughter left the room...then I sprang into lightening fast action-for me.
Grabbed the fly swatter (longer handle so you don't have to get as close to the creepy things) and smooshed it!
Just as I was taking the little carcase out as a warning to others, in walks Daughter-did I mention that she has a healthier dis-like of spiders and other such things? Yes. Well she does--anyway back to the story... I blew it off and told her it was just a little was...until I saw the little thing in the light of day!!!

It was a black widow! In the house!

In the window above where Tiny Dancer spends most of her hiding out time!!

This would not do!!!

After they left I cleaned the whole living room from top to bottom-moving furniture and getting anything out of corners...Honey helped by doing the bug spray update and my mind was a little more at ease.

However, in the spider induced frenzy it had become blatantly clear that I am a stacker. And a collector. A collector who stacks. And since the living room was done I got to looking at the rest of the house...

What I found was disturbing to me. So I set a plan in motion. To deep clean, de-clutter, and de-junk. make it uncomfortable for critters...

I looked at each room and made a plan, then took a picture (so I could see progress-not so I could embarrass myself, though I am)...

And as all good elephant eaters will tell you, "it all starts with one bite", So I'm tackling from the least to the worst...

Guest room recently used...

"Spiders like it when you give them hiding places."
"If you keep your corners clean the middle will take care of itself".
(Now I notice bare walls)

(I'll remedy that later)

Next up-Kitchen pantry;


When I was done I had more stacks...
Stuff that should have been taken to storage without stopping at the pantry...

Stuff that should have been put in the right place...

And the "what were we thinking?!" stack...
Empty boxes and bags? Smashed crackers?
Petrified drink mixes?
Broken seals on jams and syrups~

from WHEN?!

Now I AM embarrassed!
We are implementing a 'New & Improved' organizing plan called
'You don't have to keep everything!'

When the upstairs is finished I feel compelled to do the same down stairs.
Stupid spider!

We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.
Encourage each other!!!

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