Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Puttin' Up Peaches

With the canning and freezing season in full swing in our neck of the woods, I did as many others with no orchard in the back yard (yet) are doing, and headed straight to the "fruit belt" for peaches!!
I LoVE dried peaches!!
My Grampa used to dry them on the roof of his garage, on special screens he had made and covering them with cheese cloth to keep the bugs off-and blankets at night to keep the dew off, from his tree's in the back yard. He would give us some of them during the year as special treat's.
While I am lucky enough to have one of his screens and a roof high enough and hot enough...It is true that I prefer to use the dehydrator instead-I can't mess it up as easily I think...
So I started out with some of the most beautiful peaches I have seen in quite a while-sweet-juicy-and HUGE!

Put a load in the dehydrator and let them do their thing and got things ready to bottle the rest...

Rounding everything up was a bit harder than I thought, because I haven't bottled...well anything really...for a couple of years. I had a lot that needed to be used up and we're almost there-so I was excited to be peeling peaches and all that jazz...

Tiny Dancer was not at all sure about the use of aprons-while she likes the ones I use-she wasn't at all sure about the one I bought for her.

Then too it got wet.

Now I ask you, "what good is a wet apron?!"

As far as she is concerned none at all-thank you very much! Got it off and it was-

Much better.

Now we could get down to business.

So while I did the dirty work she took care of the wet work, after all, someone had to play, I mean work, in the water or how would everything work out right?!

We didn't even take a cookie break until we were almost done!
We are quite pleased with a job well done!!
Two bushel's got us:
14 quarts and 7 pints
One and a half gallon bags of dried peaches
2 Peach Pies for desert
That same day Sister Nana emailed and said the honey was ready and she had made us an appointment to go pick ours up--
Now I ask how it could get much better than that?!
Local peaches
Local honey
One of Gram's bestest helpers
Pie for desert
An early bed time!!

We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.
Encourage each other!!!

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