Monday, July 27, 2009

BuSY, bUsy, BUsy

Is what I have been!!
I finished the rug I was crocheting for Aunt Mert's 85th Birthday present. She loved it by the way and was going to take it home and put it right to use!
I'm really not sure what she likes best the wooden nickle I gave her a few years ago or the rug...I love Aunt Mert!

Her are some pictures of the finished rug-it is a little...well, off, but that is because it is hand made and there was no pattern used.
That's my story an I'm stickin' to it!!

Here is a close up of the colors,
This is just a really close up of what the stitches look like.
I have a few of these rugs around my home and I love them-they are very nice and thick and best of all I can throw them in the washer and dryer and viola! Just like new.

Another fun thing we have started doing is going for play dates at a friend around the corners home once a week and the day's between we play on the swing and in the sand pile Gramp got for her in the back yard.
We have also been trying to go for a walk every morning-that's more for Me than her, but it has this same effect on both of us ;)

Honey and I went to a "Family Get Together" It wasn't really a planned reunion, but there were a lot of Honey's family in the area for other family reunion's and so we got together for a family picnic.
This is Honey's Mom and Aunt Ora, she will be 92 this year and is still living in her own home and very active!
If I ever reach that age I hope I'm doing that well!!
One of Honey's family owns land on the Bear River Bottoms in Preston and they have made a beautiful park area for themselves and shared that as the place for what turned out to be a bigger group than they thought would be coming-
We laughed and talked and thought we should really plan a full out family reunion in the near future since this impromptu lunch turned out so big-It may take a few years for us to remember and get to work but we will be looking forward to it, and I am secretly hoping it will be in Oregon again...

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