Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm in a rut...

A hair rut.
I freely admit that for the world to hear.
Been here for a long time now and have contemplated numerous times the need to be cutting my hair.
I have been looking at a plethora of hair style pictures.
I have also made near major investments into hats- for those occasions that I just can't bear to look at it any longer!
My hats are definitely NOT quite as spiffy as this one, but close.
(One day soon I may show you some hats I have-they all pretty much look the same and I pretty much look the same in them---goofier than with out them I hear).

My hats are not near as fun as this lady's hat...and I bet her hair is immaculate with or with out the hat...

Unlike mine.
It has had a mind of it's own for as long as I can remember...
I will tell you that it isn't improving with age at all.
So I thought I'd let it grow out. It looked good when I was younger.
But now it is like this-
Not most days-but every day-except the days when its worse....
The "look in the mirror and jump in fright at your own reflection hair rut?!"

That is where I live.

Oh my!!!

Yes its all there in its rebellious "rutty" splendor...
The cow lick that if it had a tongue would be blowing raspberries all the time...
The wirey grays that listen to no one and aide the cow lick in it's shenanigans...

Now this hair style was pretty good.
Its one I was growing out from a style that in the 70's was called a "short shag".
Again, it looked good on me once upon a time.
But this time it looked better after it had grown out quite a little more than a bit.

Now this one.
It was a better one.
It is the one I got for my daughters wedding two years ago.
It had the cow lick I have in the front under control and that darn "swirl" I have on the back of my head didn't have to be tamed every morning...

I thought that one was the best I have had on a long time...

Since my hair rut has me desperately searching for a hat like this-

I thought it only right to call up my "magical hair rut fixer" friend who has the knowledge, talent and scissors to pull me-and all like me from our hair ruts...
You may now sleep well, knowing, that I have taken the necessary steps to begin climbing from my hair rut...

encourage each other and may God bless

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