Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hair, horrible hair...

I was so busy taking pictures over the week end and then needing to get them edited and ready for the people I didn't get time to talk to you about my horrible hair.

So here we are.

Ready to talk hair.

I am needing a new hair style--


I need A hair style.

I have never really had one.

One of my sister's did though, and I am thinking it wouldn't work for me at this particular time...

(I know! She had hair as tall as her legs were long!!)

Then we came out of the 60's and into the long straight hair of the 70's...

I have 4 sister's and all of us had different color hair...

Black. Dark brown. Blond. Medium brown. And Mousie, (ok mine was light brown with penny color highlights. I didn't see it then but I can now and wish I had known then what I had going there).

The Dark brown and blond have had the longest hair of the group.

(Her hair has been as long as to reach the back of her knee's, a little lower, just during the past year!!)

As you can see hair hasn't ever really been a big production for any of us.

We have mostly been the wash, part and go kind of folks. Ok. Once in a while we would do the wash and braid-and if it was hot we would tie it in a knot.

It was a look that worked for us when we were younger.
But now 30 something years later, I am thinking I really need to do something different with my hair...

I'm the one in the middle, that is my second baby my sister is holding- OH!! To be that thin again!!
And the hair!? It doesn't have any signs of gray in it!
I have grown mine long, not knowing what to do with it. Then I would chop it off and start the process all over and pledge to leave it long because I hate the "can't do a dang thing with it!!" stage.
One day I decided to cut it and took it from just below my back pocket length to a short shag, up around my ears...then started to let it grow out again...
But I have come to realize that I have always been in that stage of hair...
Its where I live.
And now find myself thinking it is realllllly time to get it out of the pony tail I keep it in all the time.

I don't mind the gray though, so I don't plan on dyeing it any time soon--but you never know what can happen in the quest for the right hair.

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