Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The skirt...

I have had the directions to make this skirt for a very long time, not since the 60's-70's, only about a year.
But I do remember them as a teen, but then again-I also remember one of my sister's having a paper dress too. That always worried me a little...what would happen to it if it rained?!

But the wrap skirts?

I liked them then and I like them even more now!
They are really easy to make-I didn't even use a pattern-just pins. And it worked up really fast too.
Honey helped me. Ok he talked with me while I made it-not about sewing, but about important universal things like...those best ever burgers we got the recipe for from Pioneer Woman...and how he never thought he'd see the day when I would eat blue cheese-and like it...

So why do I like the wrap skirt you ask?

Well thank you.

I would enjoy telling why I like it-like it a lot--

it hides the bumpier places quite well-

It is very comfortable!!!

Please pardon the commode-it's the only room with a mirror large enough to accommodate...

It is long enough to keep me warm, or if I choose to have "tundra leg's" --who's gonna know?!

And, its also a pretty good "twirl skirt" and that is important when you are trying to impress this little Princess...
Who by the way likes it because it can also hide you like a tee pee--

I am planning to make more of them, for summer and winter and walking and porch sitting and...
some long, some not so long...
I may even twirl them when no one is around-just for the fun of it.

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