Monday, February 9, 2009

Be My Valentine

I was thinking last night about Valentines Day.

I remember when I was in elementary school we would plan a couple of week in advance to have a "room party". We would get an old shoe box, cereal box or other medium small box and decorate it with crepe paper and constructions paper hearts, flowers and other fancy things. We would each receive a list of the correct spelling of each person in our room, including teachers.

Then on the Day closest to Valentines, if it happened to fall on a week-end, or on Valentines Day itself~we would bring those boxes and the Valentines we had either made or bought and carefully written the names on~

There would be regular work in the morning and then after lunch and close to the end of the day we would clear our desks and place our Valentines Box in the middle of them. Then the room mother's would bring in cupcakes or cookies and punch. There would be games like "Thumbs Up~Heads up", "Pin The Tail On The Donkey" and others. Then we would have time to deliver our Valentines to each other.

In the evenings we would take around the Valentines we had for friends and neighbors.
The fun part about that was that we had to try to be very sneaky~You see we would sneak up to the front door, place our card on the door mat and either ring the door bell or knock~then you had to run like crazy so that you could be hidden before the door was opened.

I'm not sure why~as our names were on the cards...But it was great fun!! And we never went out at the same time as our neighbors~I wonder if the Mom's got together on that?

And since I'm not near as fast as I once was, I am delivering my Valentines cards to you this way...

Happy Valentines Day from Our House to Yours ~
May you know that you are Loved ~

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