Saturday, June 19, 2010

Catching Up With The Times

When I got married this is the kind of phone we had...
We got adventurous once and got it in white.

We also had a "party line" , I think our ring was two short and a long.
If you wanted to use the phone and someone else was using it, then when you picked it up you could hear them talking. and the same went for us, when we were talking, anyone on the "party line" could pick up the phone and listen in on your conversation and there was really nothing you could do about it. They were in the same town, but not the same house.
I believe that's a big part of why everyone knew what was going on in everyone else's homes!

Then phones started to change.
I remember the "brick" we all thought it was so cool to have a phone, as big as your leg, to be able to talk to people from some place other than home !!! Yea-you can't even imagine the shock that was!!!
Then one day one of the kids came in with this:

It does everything except the window's but will give you directions to do them right.

So the past few day's I've been talking to a very nice gentleman from our phone carrier. He has helped me get into the swing of things now that I've learned how to txt and think I could almost be on the verge of keeping up with the rapid-fire texting of teenage grandchildren.

I feel a little overwhelmed by it all at the moment
 but have every confidence that I will conquer the use of my
much simpler talk and txt phone.

Smile and remember;
We're fool's whether we dance or not. So we might as well dance.


  1. You will only keep up with the grandkids if you get a phone that has voice recognition for typing.

  2. I just want a phone to talk,and I'm ashamed to say, txt. My windows need to be done, but I'll make the kids do them.