Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lawn Chair's

I was thinking about the Summer evenings when family would gather out front in the cool shade of evening, in chair's carried out from the dinning room and the old metal lawn chiars that were soooo comfortable and rocked gently, to blankets spread out on the grass. The grown up's would sit and visit and laugh while the kids would run around playing "night games" like" kick the can" and "no bears are out tonight".
Then when it was time for the young ones to go to bed the adults would continue their visiting and laughing well into the night.
My Aunt Phyllis' laugh was the best!
Even without seeing her you could picture her cheeks turning pink, her eye's sparkeling and the laugh lines gathering around the edges. The men's deep voices were harder to hear, but comforting in the rumble and rhythm.

As I go for walk abouts I watch for gathering places people use for Summer evening's...
I have found that it doesn't matter so much, the kind of chair's we choose,
but that there are usually at least two or more...
Inviting family, friend's and neighbor's to stop by and share a few minutes...

So as we dream of Summer evenings past,
and look to Summer evening's future,
make sure to have places to sit at the end of the day...

Smile and remember;
We are fool's wether we dance or not. So we might as well dance.

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