Friday, October 9, 2009

I LoVE pictures!!!

Its true. I do.

I saw a picture of my oldest son on his facebook and I liked it so much I got it for my very own.

I thought how this picture captured him so well...I could almost hear him saying he can't wait until tomorrow...because he gets better lookin' each day. I like the raise of his brow and the tilt of his chin...

Then I remembered a picture I got this week of Tiny Dancer and pulled them both up together and got to looking at the the similarities...

The family resemblances as it were.

Then I got thinking about other pictures in my vast photo vaults and got to matching things up there...

The other day my self professed favorite cousin came to show me his new scooter and talk about how his dialysis is going, that he had to miss the special Olympics this year because of it and about the good old day's that he remembers better than I do.

He told me how he waves at the front porch every time he goes past the house I grew up in, just because it seems like "Yer Dad" should be out sittin' on it..."

It made me think how much "Stokes" they both have in their I asked him if I could take his picture and he laughed and let me...then I found one of the last pictures taken of my Dad...out on the front porch.

Then others started coming to mind and I went on a search and found...
A mother and daughter...
Auntie and Nieces...

I am finding this pretty interesting, is it the smile, the nose, the eye's, the voice?
Or is it the mannerisms...The laugh, the stance, the walk?

I'm not sure, but it's keeping this simple little mind of mine busy finding pictures that fit this category.
While I do so enjoy pictures and photography...
I do other things besides pictures. Just in case you were wondering.
I took pictures to prove it ha, ha, ha...
We know the weather is going to eventually make the canyon less desirable to travel so this week Tiny Dancer and I made a trip to some of her favorite places to go.
The book store is always good to visit often-books and stories are a necessity.

Every chance you get you should take a child into a pet store.
Especially if that child loves the fish.
And the birds.
And the turtles and frogs.
Don't forget the cats and mice...
And the dog's coming for school to learn to behave...

Fall is the time of year that triggers the need to smell baking things like bread, apple scrapple, apple cakes and pumpkin pie's.
So a trip to one of the local fruit stands along the famous fruit belt brought the Johnathan apples and Sugar pumpkins...
it also brought a surprise!!!

A straw maze and pumpkin walk!!
Her first. It was a hit!

We were the only ones there and so we had the run of the place...
and run we did. Until our fingers were frozen and our noses were red.

And I discovered that I can take some pretty ok pictures with my phone!!!
Don't leave home without at least one.

We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.

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