Monday, June 15, 2009

Honey's Whale Of A Tail

This years fishing trip involved the same kind of unsettled weather as every place else...
Rain, hail, wind, sunshine, calm, hot and cold. Repeated all day and all night.
But when they could they were out on the water.
And it was good.

The views were as spectacular as ever.

On the 2nd to the last day of fishing Honey dropped an unweighted line into the water.
Using his crawdad-
Barely got it there when all they heard was the whine of the line as it was peeling off the reel, and the pole was bent to try to keep up---they knew it was a whale!

Honey jumped into action, as did his 3 witnesses. Camera's were grabbed, video started, the boat at the ready to give chase if needed...
And chase it they did!
The Mac ran and they gave chase, about running out of line a few times...they had to be careful as he hadn't expected a fish this big and so he was using 6 pound test on a 6 foot pole!!
The fight lasted 50 minutes. Mac finally being netted and brought in to meet his new friends...

After being weighed and measured and photographed Mac was released to go tell his adventures to his fish friends...

His R & R complete and his return welcomed...His story to be told and retold around the BBQ's and evening fires of Summer.

And as a reminder to anyone who has camped with these guy's...

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  1. There's no fire like a brother dan's bonfire!