Monday, March 16, 2009

Spoiled Lil Ol Me...

Honey bought/fronted me a second camera~a CANON~it is a big camera that takes huge pixel pictures~
Honey is so awesome!!!!
(He will say he isn't~but everyone who knows him, knows he is).

I needed to play with it when I had some time and wouldn't get interrupted~I tend to lose my train of thought easily you see.

So while Honey slept I read my trusty new manual. Pulled out the new camera and tried out the lens' first...

From the same spot, to see what the ranges of the lens' would be. For how close I can get to how far I can get...

First lens-close;

First lens far; (Its the micro lens)

Oh dadgumit!!!

I just noticed how small I made these pictures-sorry!!

I hope you don't need a magnifying glass to see them.

Second lens close;

Second lens far;

This one is from my canon~please don't underestimate the size with the quality~my little canon can do this from the same point~

This is the close;

And this is the far;

Ok now that you have survived the testing of how wide and tight the CANON and canon can go...lets see if I can make pictures with big C...

yea-ok-nice corner. No, that isn't what I was trying to do...

Again a little trouble. Not the Princess in the cupboard, that focus again...

Ok, getting a little better now...She was so funny, she kept waiting for the flash.

Motion shots give me heartburn so I thought I'd start with sort of motion--yep--heartburn.

Ok my moving target-er-model-has had enough, and she is off and running.
Hello cow, whatcha doin?
hello happy little Daisey's...

I can see that I will need to practice more on moving subjects...(evil laugh) buaahhh ha thought the family scattered to the far reaches of the universe before...
Oh Honnney...kiyads...where arrre you???

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