Sunday, March 1, 2009

These Are The Good Ol Day's~

This week I become what some refer to as, "the old age of youth, and the youth of old age".

I was thinking today about when and how it happens that we are "older"~because it seems to sneak up on a person...Last year, I was trying to jump the irrigation ditch with out falling in. Last month, I was a teenager. Last week, I was a young mom with little kids....

I received this photo in an email one day~ and I really liked it. I don't know who took it, but they did a wonderful job!

Right now I would be the hand with the fancy nails (if I had my nails done-though I never felt the need).

I took this picture of theses beautiful hands. They have so many stories to tell and so many memories for not just her but those who know and love her...

Mine are getting there--
I see the scar that runs along the back of my wrist and remember the reason for it.

The Dr. called it a ganglion cyst.

The nail on my ring finger grows just a little "funny" ever since I locked it in the front door one day...I didn't have a key so Honey had to shut off the car and come unlock the door so I could get my finger out~don't worry I went to the vet and he told me it wasn't broken.

No really.

I did go to the vet.

He lived up the street and we lived way out in the country...

My index finger turns in a little more on this hand than the other, because, I got my first two fingers on my right hand stuck in the rollers on and old ringer washer, when we were gold miners in Alaska.

(We did laundry and showered using melted snow...Ahhhh...those were the "Good Ol Day's")

This is me when I was about 2 years old. I'm the caboose...My Mom took this picture in the front yard. She loved to take picture and home movies...

Next comes the self portrait at the end of a day not to very long ago, that had made me very tired...
I still have that darned "cow lick" that makes my hair stand out funny on one side, a gray streak that even sepia tones can't cover all the way...a a lot more lines and creases than that last photo huh?!

I asked my Mom once just a few years ago, "My head pictures me like I was at about 16-17 years old. And Then I look in the mirror and see it ain't so...What age do you picture yourself at?"
She said it was 18 for her~
Honey's Gramma told me once that she woke up one morning and her 16 year old mind was listing all the things she needed to get done that day, and she went to get out of bed and her 80 year old body said "tthhhhhttt", so she lay back down and re-thought her list...
Remember these are the good ol day's ~Have fun making your memories!!!!

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