Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Honey likes divinity.
When we were dating, almost thirty seven years ago, I tried to make some for him.
Oh, It looked so pretty resting there on the thin layer of waxed paper covering one of his Aunt's plates. I slid it into the fridge until he arrived.
I was so proud that I had made this delicacy for him.
However, that is not what was pulled from the refrigerator shelf.


That, was his Aunt's plate covered with a gooey, sticky, slim covered piece of wilted waxed paper.

And bless his country boy heart, he tried to eat some of it, then he told me, It did taste better than it looked, quickly and quietly he did add, But you should maybe not try that for a while, after all it's the thought that counts.

Taking his advice to heart, and knowing that divinity is a very touchy thing to make.
I mean you have to factor in the weather and humidity. Probably what color your wearing and the direction of the wind.


I waited these thirty six years to give it a try again.
The first experience was traumatic to my ego  , not really safe for human consumption, such a flop.
Then recently a friend of mine mentioned that she was going to give it a try, for someone needing it for memory reason's.

Whell now.

That got me to thinking, it has been a really long time since Honey has had divinity.
And a few days before I had found this really old recipe and thought if I couldn't trust a great grandmother who could I trust?

Today was the day to try.

The sun was shining.
It hadn't rained or snowed for a while...
The weather was on my side.
So praying for divinity loving angel's help. 
To work I went.
Before long the sugar mixture was boiling happily while I dug out the electric mixer and beat the egg whites to perfect texture.
While mixing everything together I got a little worried, because you see, it was causing my poor old (really old) mixer to struggle and even smoke a little.

Nuts added.

And that right there is only because Honey likes them, not me.

The waxed paper had been spread out in advance, so all I had to do at this point was drop teaspoon sized globs of the divinity mixture onto it at this point...

And it is pertiful! (Both pretty and beautiful).

So good it melts in your mouth.

I guess that's what I could call the "Sweet taste of success"...

Thanks Divinity loving Angel's!!


  1. Mmm. My mom used to make this at Christmas time. Looks delicious! =)